The generation of Ben Ali : challenge and ambition

In the era of the Change, Tunisian youth have been accorded a great attention. Care to youth has been elevated to a strategic priority, as part of the comprehensive development approach established by President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who has been keen on opening up wide prospects for Tunisian youth and on taking into account their aspirations and concerns in materializing his project of society. In so doing, he has been premised upon his firm belief that Man is the means to face the challenges of the future and to consolidate the foundations of the country's invulnerability.

To materialize the forward-looking vision of President Ben Ali, a particular interest has been accorded, and generous efforts have been exerted, to make sure the new generations are well equipped with the means to fully integrate within the spirit and language of the modern time and to embrace creativity and excellence.

Tunisia has offered a lot to its youth, striving to translate orientations into concrete actions and promises into achievements. In return, Tunisian youth have always proved to be worthy of the care offered to them : They have always been ready to actively and generously contribute to building a more shining future.

A youth embracing excellence

The progress achieved by Tunisian youth in the fields of sciences, knowledge, sports and culture do illustrate the soundness of the orientations and national choices made in this regard. These successes reflect the noble intentions and clairvoyant vision underlying the approach adopted by President Ben Ali who is determined to promoting Tunisian youth to higher levels of creativity, excellence and distinction.