Welcome to our election website.

Welcome to all of you in this website which will give you an insight into the basic aspects of our political, social, economic and cultural vision. You will also read about our overall choices and what our people have been able to achieve and accomplish since November 7, 1987.

Welcome to a journey through our electoral program which I present to the voters, the men and women of Tunisia, in anticipation of the presidential elections of October 24, 2004.

The topics and orientations of this program illustrate our determination to meet challenges in all confidence and with full competence, and to win stakes of the next period. In this, we continue and move ahead in our edification and modernization process for the purpose of elevating Tunisia to the rank of developed nations.

We have made sure the topics of this program meet the aspirations and the ambitions of our people in all its groups and categories.

This is the program of tomorrow’s Tunisia.

Welcome in this journey where you will discover the important strides we have made towards reaching the future that we want for Tunisia and its future generations.

It is that of a Tunisia of progress, modernity, solidarity, tolerance, freedom and wellbeing.

A Tunisia of dialogue and moderation.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali