Tunisian Women :
From equality to effective partnership

Since the Change of November 7, 1987, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has worked to consolidate the avant-garde position held by women in Tunisia, by introducing numerous amendments and taking a host of measures, so that the legislative and constitutional references constitute the best guarantee for women's basic rights and the best incentive for women to be active partners inside the family and within the comprehensive development process. Women, in fact, are no longer confined to secondary roles; rather they have become effective partners in terms of conception, implementation, production and management. These roles are assumed by Tunisian women with great competence and efficiency, in all walks of public life and in various economic, political, social and cultural fields.

The approach adopted by the movement of the Change in terms
of women's promotion proceeds from a constant principle that reinforcing women's rights is the best way to protect the family
and society.

In this context, the measures taken in August 2002 constituted a legislative revolution that promoted women's rights and accorded women the status they deserve in the process of comprehensive development.

Providing propitious conditions for the active presence and distinction of Tunisian women in all fields has led to a quantum leap in their situation, making of them a distinguished model of progress in their civilizational, regional and international environment, thanks to the steps they have made on the path of self-fulfillment.

The measures, indicators and figures, presented below, can only bear witness to the wide prospects opened up by President Zine
El Abidine Ben Ali in order to elevate women's role to the level of full-fledged partners in the building of modern Tunisia , side by side with men.

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